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About the Product Superbly crisp, juicy and sweet with the thinnest skin, South African Pears is like the love child of a big green apple and a Bosc pear - round, bigger than typical pears. It has white interior with a brownish-yellow skin. Its hard and crisp when ripe, not like other pears that must soften to be ripe. Benefits - Pears are a good source of fibre and vitamin C. - They improve digestion and help in weight-loss. They fight diabetes and provide anti-oxidants. - They are the best pre or post workout snack as they are rich in natural fructose and glucose. - They are also good for the immune system and help prevent cancer. Another plus is they are only about 50 calories per fruit. Storage and Uses - South African Pears are good in any salad where you might use chopped apples, or simply sliced and eaten for a snack or dessert. - They dont tend to darken when cut, unlike lots of apple varieties and some pears, so they hold up well in a salad or lunchbox, even when sliced or chopped.

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