Red Banana

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About the Product - Standing apart from the common varieties of yellow bananas, Red bananas are short, plump and reddish-purple in colour. - Even the flesh is light pink and sweeter compared to other varieties. They are high in nutrients and are freshly procured from the farmers. Benefits - Red bananas are a great source of fiber and eases digestion. It prevents kidney stones and cures heart burns and piles. - It also aids in weight loss. People who eat this often tend to quit smoking. It reduces the side effects caused by sudden cessation of smoking. - This variety of bananas are exceptionally rich in vitamin C. Storage and Uses - Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. - Red bananas develop black spots on the outer skin when fully ripe. Eat them only when fully ripe as unripe red bananas taste like dry, chalky starch. - Slice them onto pancakes or add to fruit salads. Red bananas are a preferred baking variety for both desserts and semi-savory dishes.

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