Ruchi Gold Refined Palmolein oil 1L

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About the Product

Patanjali Foods Ltd Ruchi Gold Palmolein Oil high-quality oil used primarily for cooking in developing countries. Palmolein oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palms. The oil palmolein is blessed with many attributes that have helped it on its path to dominance. Palmolein oil is a highly versatile crop. It has many uses – like foaming, binding and stabilizing. It is a cost-competitive, versatile and widely produced vegetable oil.


Refined Palmolien Oil.

Nutritional Facts

Per 100 g , Energy 900 kcal , Protein 0 g , Carbohydrate 0 g , Total sugars 0 g , Saturated fatty acids 46 g ,Polyunsaturated fatty acids 12 g , Monounsaturated fatty acids 42 g , Trans fat 0 g , Cholesterol 0 mg ,Vitamin E 0 g .

How to Use

1. Palmolein oil is used for cooking and is also added to many ready-to-eat foods in your grocery store. 2. Its taste is considered savory and earthy.

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